Emmi Nuorgam is a communication professional and a media producer with a wide portfolio and versatile competence. She is known as a writer, journalist, blogger, columnist, speaker, presenter, event producer and a trainer of a responsible influencer marketing. 

In the last couple of years Emmi has been involved – among other things – in the following projects:

Emmi Nuorgam
Impact producer – Eatnameamet – Our silent struggle (2021)

Eatnameamet – Our silent struggle portrays the indigenous Sámi people fighting for our existence. The film follows the on going cultural genocide of the Sámi which the current Governmental politics allow. This film is a cry for help for the last indigenous people living in the EU.



Project manager – PING Helsinki & The Finnish Media Pool (part of the National Emergency Supply Agency), 2018-2021

Project aim is to make social media and social media influencers more reliable. We held seminars and published a podcast and handbook (Fake or Fact? Handbook of a Reliable Social Media Influencer, 2020). for active social media users. These tools will help influencers to make reliable content but also embrace their professional identity. Emmi is also a member of Media pool’s Content Group which includes Finnish editor-in-chiefs and heads of Finnis media groups, authorities and officials. Content Group was founded to ensure reliable communications in a crisis situation. 



PING Ethics

is an ethical code for promoting the transparency and general fairness of content marketing, for more information:



Project manager – #coronafacts, Finnish Government, PING Helsinki and the Finnish Media pool (part of the National Emergency Supply Agency), 2020

The main goal for this collaboration was to provide social influencers reliable information about Covid-19 from the authorities and encourage them to share it with their followers. They were also encouraged to show good example and follow the recommendations and restrictions set to prevent virus from spreading. Social media influencers have played an important role in sharing reliable information but also preventing the spread of disinformation. Influencers can reach thousands or even millions of people and have a great impact on them. Especially young people rely on influencers more than on other communication channels, so influencers have a great responsibility.